Why choose R*S*K?

At Rebel Style Kustoms / R*S*K, we do things a little differently.  We build every cage completely by hand, from start to finish, and custom to order.  Cutting, bending, notching and building by hand provides tight joints, rather than gaps to fill in.  We fully TIG weld every cage, and there is no exception. We know that TIG welding is not only the strongest weld, but looks the best on a finished product. 

We build your cage custom to your height at no extra charge. With a quick measurement (we send you picture with instructions), we can ensure that you get the look you like, but most importantly, the safety of adequate spacing above your head.

If you are interested in building a cage with us, please look through our "Cage Options" tab to see the options we offer and pick what you like, as well as the tab for the machine you have, to browse through different pictures.  Then, Give us call to go over any questions and request a quote with or without shipping included. We ship anywhere in the continental USA (shipments going outside of the US will need to be self-arranged from our location, or from a bordering USA state or port).

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